Read the below information and read the power-point slide properly. Introduction – Your introduction: should introduce the focus of the work, e.g. best practice for providing care for Indigenous clients with… Case Study Scenario – Your case study scenario : should be in dot point form. Your case study scenario should include your Indigenous clients background and history. (e.g. name, age, religion, next of kin, family support, where they live, employment/schooling, medications, medical and surgical history, condition prior to needing care/intervention, cultural needs (important), other, etc – while your case study scenario does not require all of these points/ or may include additional points – your case study scenario has to flow and make logical sense, and be built on evidenced based research. Topic Information – Your topic Information: should include one of the topics from Step 1/ List B – You will have to research the information provided to decide on your specific (one) topic. Briefly describe the pathophysiology and prevalence in Indigenous communities, possible treatment including drug therapy. Nursing Interventions – Your nursing or midwifery interventions and drug therapy: should be researched and evidenced based for your specific case study scenario that you have created, and your chosen topic. Cultural Safety – Your information about cultural safety: should be aligned with the Indigenous client in your case study scenario and include how you would personally apply cultural safety framework to your nursing or midwifery practice. References – HARVARD reference format. 6 x references must be included Please use references no older than 7 years, however, older references okay to use to support historical content. There is no need to reference the case study scenario that you create and please make sure references should be from Australia only. Please use some images with proper references. In the last please change the power-point template to PDF file.