Good APA format and appendix You will write an 8–10-page (not include cover and ref pages) research- and reflective-based paper that focuses on emotional intelligence (EI) and social intelligence (SI). It will include a discussion of an EI assessment test taken online, in addition to demonstrating a contemporary work situation application. A plan for improvement will be presented. The paper must include at least 6–8 references in addition to the course textbooks, the Bible, and an Appendix with the EI test results displayed. You will take an on-line EI test (such as Maetrix Emotional Intelligence Test (MEIT)). The results will be discussed in the Emotional IntelligencePaper, and displayed in the paper’s Appendix. Compare and contrast EI and SI. Discuss how understanding EI and SI may benefit you and those you work with. How can it help or hinder your current and potential leadership ability? Reflect on individual EI assessment results. Using Johns’ Model for Structured Reflection (Description, Reflection, Anticipatory, Insight), reflect upon at least one work situation where your own EI broke down. What were the leadership implications? How can this be improved upon? see PDF and links attached for articles.We sent you the text book. Additional articles can be found on the net to meet the requirements. Textbook Readings and 3 articles 1-Grossman & Valigia: ch. 6 that’s the book 2- Johns: ch. 3 (recommended) that Bible it is a christian school 3- Goleman, D. (2004). What makes a leader? Harvard Business Review, 82(1), 82-91. Reprint R0401H 1 4- Goleman, D. & Boyatzis, R. (2008). Social Intelligence and the biology of leadership. Harvard Business Review. 86(9), 74-81.  5- Giese, K. K. (2015). Self-reflection: Relationship building in patients with excess weight. Journal for Nurse Practitioners. 12(1), e7-10. doi: 10.1016/j.nurpra.2015.06.015. PDF attache below for book and # 5