Aim of assessment This assessment provides students with an opportunity to critically analyse and discuss the relationship between the theoretical construct of ’being a professional’ and the transition to graduate practice based on the case study provided. Details Students are to critically analyse the relationship between ’being a professional’ and one of the following topics with specific reference to the expectations of being a new graduate nurse: – Becoming competent – Working as part of a team – Reflective practice Student directions Write in essay format using the broad headings Introduction, Critical analysis, Discussion and Conclusion to structure your paper. Students must refer to and use the case study. Format All assignments are to be typed. Typing must be according to the following format; 3 cm left and right margins, Double Spaced Font: Arial or Times New Roman Font size: 12pt References work both in-text and with a reference list using APA referencing style. Minimum of 5 references required, published no later than 2012