Mary is a Registered Nurse who works in residential aged care.

Mary’s colleagues have noticed that at the end of several shifts the residents in Mary’s care

have appeared uncared for, that wet bed sheets have not been changed and that urine bottles

have not been emptied. They have also noticed that Mary has been spending a lot of time at

the nurses’ station, while the residents allocated to her care have been unattended.

Mary’s colleagues have raised the issues they have noticed with their manager.

Assessment 2 Task: Essay

Using the above case study as context and using relevant scholarly references to support your

discussion, write a 1500 (+/- 10%) essay. Do not use headings. Structure your essay as


Introduction: (150 words) Include a thesis statement

Section A: (600 words)

Discuss Mary’s practice in this case study:

 Is Mary meeting the NMBA standards in applying person-centred and evidence-based

care for the delivery of safe and quality care?

 Does the evidence in the case study lead you to believe that Mary has formed a

therapeutic, person-centred relationships with her clients?

 How could she do so, and what would be the benefits of Mary doing so?

Section B: (600 words)

Is it reasonable for Mary’s peers to report her conduct to their manager?

Discuss how the NMBA Code of Conduct for Nurses (2018) and the Registered Nurse

Standards for Practice (2016) guide Mary’s nursing peers and supervisor in managing this