Purpose: Perform a needs assessment and (beginning stages of…) a gap analysis of the population specific to nursing clinical assignment. **Refer to Lecture: A Guide to Performing a Needs Assessment & Gap Analysis found in Week 7-8 in the required readings (I will provide the lecture) Methods of performing a needs assessment may include: review of current professional literature specific area of patient care requirements new method of treatment, and/or new technology related to the specific population of clients Steps to Performing a Gap Analysis/What to include in the submitted assignment: PART I: Find the need through conducting a needs assessment. Determine if the gap is in knowledge (doesn’t know), skill (doesn’t know how) or practice (does not do in practice). 2a. Give thought to: “What is the best practice*?” *Evidence-based Practice Determine an appropriate teaching method and evaluation technique that would assist with closing the gap; be clear on the purpose of the method. (ie case study as a teaching method and presentation of case study as the evaluation technique) Develop 5 learning objectives related to closing the gap which are aligned with the chosen teaching and evaluation methods. PART II: 5. Review one or more advanced practice journals in your specialty area that addresses the identified gap. 6. Evaluate the applicability of the research findings to your area of nursing practice. 7. Discuss the findings you would like to implement in your role as an advanced practice nurse.