This assignment addresses the following course learning outcome/s:

1. Describe the sources of law in Australia and Singapore that apply to

healthcare practice.

2. Identify legal and ethical terminology as applied to health professional


3. Identify and discuss relevant legal and ethical principles that apply in


4. Analyse the tensions that may exist between legal and ethical principles in

everyday nursing practice.

5. Select and discuss appropriate legal and ethical principles that apply to a

range of healthcare case studies.


You are required to write a 1500 word essay. In your essay, you must identify and

discuss the legal and ethical issues presented in the case study that follows. In your

discussion, you must address the questions posed at the end of the case study.

You are expected to submit your essay with appropriate grammar, spelling,

sentences, paragraphs and references. It should be structured using the following

‘APA Level 2’ headings:

 Introduction

 Legal Issues

 Ethical Issues