Assessment task

Use the following clinical scenario to respond to each of the four questions below. In this clinical scenario you are practising in the role of a new graduate nurse.

Clinical scenario

Peter is 45-year-old married man with two children. He is an electrician. He attends an after-hours medical clinic complaining of insomnia. Peter has no significant medical history and on examination no physical problems can be found, other than a slightly elevated heart rate.

Peter looks distressed and is clearly sweating even though it is not warm in the consulting room. Peter states that he has found work difficult recently and he describes long-standing and persistent worries regarding his work. He fears making a mistake in his work and that someone will get electrocuted. He also worries about the tax he does not pay when customers pay him in cash. Peter informs you that he worries about many things in his life, and his most common thought is ‘what if’? He often imagines the worst and although this never eventuates, he has a constant feeling of impending doom.

Peter states that this constant worrying often makes him sick. He complains of headaches, feels butterflies in his stomach and at times he is aware of his heart pounding.

Clinical scenario questions

  1. Describe Generalised Anxiety Disorder and explain how it differs from Panic Disorder? (400 words)
  2. Discuss how empathy might assist you to establish a therapeutic relationship with Peter. (400 words)
  3. Discuss the communication skills you would use in your interview with Peter and provide a rationale for their use. (400 words)
  4. You note that Peter has been commenced on Paroxetine 20mg PO daily. Briefly describe the relevant information you need to provide Peter about this medication