Identify two high priority problems/goals for the person and briefly

justify which each is a priority

For EACH problem/goal, identify the persons strengths and barriers,

outline one (1) nursing intervention and briefly explain how this is likely

to contribute to the care of the person. Interventions must be nursing

related, based on evidence, and specific, measurable, achievable,

realistic, and timely (SMART Care Goals).

 Approx.. 350 words

4. Clinical handover

 SBAR approach

 Approx. 150 words

NSB204 Mental Health Self and Others

NSB204 – Assessment Task 1 Page 3 of 9



Part 2: Therapeutic engagement and clinical interpretation

 Approx. 800 words

5. Explain one specific strategy that you might use for the

development of a therapeutic relationship with the selected person in

the case study. Why is this important for that person? How would this

apply to the nursing interventions you described

6. Describe how the specific nursing interventions relate to the

principles of the recovery model. What would be one issue that you may

encounter while working with this person and how will you ensure that

‘you’ provide high quality care?

There is no need for an introduction or a conclusion

You will need to justify your assignment points with references to

relevant literature. Students who plan to do well in this assignment will

read and use the unit readings as well as additional evidence-based