Critical Reflection :Abdominal assessment  Abdominal assesment of a patient(Roodney) , who is going to have a surgery for Appendicitis today evening. Before the surgery I encountered to do a abdominal assessment. His pain was in Right lower quadrant of the abdomen.His pain score was 4/10.I done HIAPP.I assessed pain. Peristaltic movement etc. Done only light palpation. I asses RLQ last for every Assessment because of pain. Auscultation- No abnormal sound, Percussion-Tympanic, Palpation-No abnormalities. hand wash-I washed my hand before the procedure bout didn’t wash my hand after touch the patient surroundings. I should need to wash(hand Rub) my hand more in between the procedure. I was nervous and keep forgetting things while doing the procedures. In abdominal assessment the assessment order is HIAPP. But forget to collect history first. I done that after Auscultation and let the assessor know I forget to collect the history first. Communication ,adjust the bed height, position the patient was good I got 83% for Assessment. I will attach the assessment marking guide and critical reflection marking guide. Please do check. Thanks