Literature Review

This assessment requires students to prepare a literature review which analyses and explains a selection of literature on the topic of healthy ageing. A literature review “re-views” or looks again at what others have said, done, or found in a particular area of study. The purpose of conducting a literature review is to find out what is currently known (and reported) about a topic or issue. A literature review is not an annotated bibliography ie a summary of each article. It requires analysis (critical appraisal) of each article but this must be followed by synthesis of the information, so as to reveal the current state of knowledge on the topic. Write your literature review based on your synthesis of the literature. Write in an essay format – introduction, body, conclusion, reference list. To assist you in the preparation of this assessment you are provided with • A case scenario which gives context to the literature review • An area related to healthy ageing (Physical activity, resistance training and ageing) • 4 chosen articles given for you to use in essay • A selection of current, relevant literature for review • Guidelines and resources for completing the literature review 1. Read the case scenario provided 2. your Choose topic areas as the focus of your literature review is • Physical activity, resistance training and ageing Length and/or format: 1500 word essay Purpose: The purpose of this written assignment is to enable students to synthesise ideas, themes, controversies and recommendations found in the literature on healthy (or successful) ageing in order to realise understanding of the knowledge and ideas which have been established on this topic.