Leadership In Clinical Practice



You will present a written response to two clinical scenarios which demonstrate your understanding of the leadership role of a registered nurse in a nursing team through your application of delegation and supervision processes

What you need to do

1. Review the two clinical scenarios for your Group: 1 or 2.

2. identify and describe the leadership role of the registered nurse, with refence to the clinicalscenarios.

3. Identify and describe the registered nurse role responsibilities of delegation and supervision in a nursing team, relevant to your clinical scenarios.

4. Referring to the specific clinical scenarios, apply the NMBA Standards of Practice as you identify RN leadership responsibilities for the provision of safe and quality care forall patients


1. Briefly outline the principles of clinical leadership as they apply to RN practice

Clinical Scenario 1

1. Use your clinical reasoning processes to identify and describe the leadership role of the RN in providing safe and quality care. Use the Decision Making Framework to consider the responsibilities of delegation and supervision relevant to your provided scenario.

2. Apply the NMBA standards of practice relevant to leadership responsibilities in the clinical scenario. Briefly summarise the key principles of clinical leadership for RNs in clinical settings