Law And Ethics In Healthcare

Discuss the importance of maintaining professional boundaries as it applies to the regulation of nurses, and discuss the underlying ethical principles as they relate to protecting the public.



Is to provide students with a framework on which to build their knowledge of the relevant legal and ethical issues in providing and managing health care services and regulating professional practice.

Is to assist students to develop their knowledge, in terms of identifying the importance of both law and ethics, in their decision-making and actions and in having a clear understanding of when professional legal advice should be sought.

1. Explores the legal & ethical framework for health & social care, with a particular focus on nursing & midwifery.

2. Designed to enable students to gain a critical understanding, applied appreciation of health-related law & ethics, exploring its application & effect on nursing & midwifery practice.

3. Is structured around the Code for Nurses and Midwives (the Code) developed by the Singapore Nursing Board

4. Is intended to explore clinical practice through an in-depth analysis of the Principles included in the Code & their relevant ethical practice points.