Introduction To Research And Evidence-Based Practice

Assessment Task 1: Essay Including An Annotated Bibliography And Intergrated Literature Review

This assessment task will; build your research skills in ascertaining the relevance and quality of material on a topic by questioning whether the information meets the requirements of the topic. You are expected to determine whether the information is from a reliable academically respected source; and develop your theoretical and practical understanding of research literature on contemporary nursing issues. You are required to collate, organise and integrate information on a selected topic from the list provided below;

Topics – choose one topic from the list below ( the topic could be the same or different to task 1 & 2)

Should the digital health record be implemented for all patients?

Should a person living with dementia be involved in decision making regarding their healthcare?

Does animal testing still have a place in medical research? Is euthanasia everybody’s right?

Should young people be integrated into aged care facilities?

Should immunisations be mandated for all healthcare consumers?

You will engage in a review of the literature and analysis process on a contemporary nursing topic. The topic you chose for the group presentation will be your topic for the essay. You will search a wide variety of scholarly sources on the topic, select a minimum of ten (10) peer reviewed articles, and write a review of your reading, highlighting how the literature and research in the field informs your learning and future practice.

Useful resources: The week 2 active learning session will focus on how to find suitable sources for this assessment, how to read them and how it can help you. Make sure you don’t miss the session. They will be facilitated by the librarian at each campus, along with a Learning Skills Advisor. Other useful online resources that explain the structure and content of an annotated bibliography in more detail can be found under week 2 contents . Other useful online resources that explain in more detail can be found under week 2 content.

Asessment Part 1: Annotated Bibliography

This assessment task will enable you to:

1.develop effective research skills through collating and analysing relevant and quality material related to a contemporary nursing issue;

2.develop theoretical and practical understanding of the research literature on a contemporary nursing issue. You are required to write an annotated bibliography of three (3) valid, reliable and peer reviewed sources relevant to the topic you have chosen from the list provided.