Integrating Practice


This unit requires attendance to a total of 80 clinical hours (equivalent of 2 weeks depending on the health care facility). Students should be aware that certain health care facilities may have professional practice experience

Drug Calculation Examination (IntelliLearn)

Requires you to upload a certificate of completion to demonstrate achievement of 100% accuracy in a drug calculation test in the IntelliLearn program.

Professional Portfolio

Requires you to submit the National Standard Medication Chart (NSMC) certificate and complete an 800-word reflection.

Clinical Portfolio

Part A: Submission of Mandatory Professional Practice Experience Documentation

This assignment requires you to submit your mandatory professional practice experience documentation to your Placement Services Office

Part B: Mandatory Online Professional Experience Preparation Module

Requires you to upload your mandatory professional experience preparation module certificate.

Part C: Australian Nursing Standard Assessment Tool (ANSAT), and Clinical Competencies

The Professional Practice Experience requires students to demonstrate the skills learned in the classroom in a ‘real world’ setting.