Integrated Nursing Practice 3 – On Campus

1. Identify two (2) signs or symptoms of clinical deterioration related to the neurological injury sustained by Mr Collins and using current and relevant literature critically discuss how the neurological injury causes the manifestations of these signs or symptoms.

2. Using the case study information (Mr Collins) identify one (1) priority problem that needs to be addressed in order to prevent further clinical deterioration. The priority problem should be justified and supported through the application of contemporary research.

3. Identify and critically discuss three (3) interventions that directly address the priority problem you have identified, using evidence from current, relevant and peer reviewed literature. (Note: a maximum of 1 can be related to a pharmacological intervention). You must explain the links between the clinical data from the case in order to justify why have selected these three interventions as priorities to address the problem statement.

4. Using current, relevant and peer reviewed literature discuss how you would evaluate the efficacy of the recommended interventions and specify expected data that would be observed if the interventions were effective