Insulin Regulated Aminopeptidase (IRAP)

Your introduction neds to tell a story. We suggest that you start with a description of insulin regulated aminopeptidase (IRAP) , aminopeptidase A (ApA), aminpeptidase B (ApB), and ApN. What they are and what they do. You can then describe how they have been researched as possible diagnostic markers of kidney disease, various cancers and Alzheimer’s disease (see my paper that I sent you). This can lead onto the fact that there are learning difficulties other Alzheimer’s disease, for example FASD. Describe briefly what FASD is, what the signs and symptoms are and what the prevalence is. There is some evidence from animal studies (attached) that brain IRAP is affected by prenatal alcohol. Our research is therefore interested to know whether urine IRAP might be a possible diagnostic marker of FASD. BEFORE we can test this, however, we need to know what normal factors affect urine aminopeptidase activity, particularly pregnancy as newborn babies will have been exposed to the hormones of pregnancy before birth. The aim of your research, therefore, is to investigate the changes in urinary aminopeptidase activity during pregnancy to help us develop a diagnostic test for alcohol exposure.