Infection Risk Management

Students will critically analyse Infection Risk Management through a series of entries using a digital platform (infographic) describing what it is like working at the front lines of a global health crisis. Assessed Learning Outcomes: 1 ? 3 Task: Ng? Tuhi Students will ? Choose a global health epidemic involving an infectious disease (for example Zika, Ebola). ? Complete FOUR entries throughout the semester as part of an e-diary which will help to demonstrate a broad understanding of Infection Risk Management. ? Students are required to complete each entry by the due date to fulfil assessment requirements. Your e-diary will include one entry per fortnight (4 entries) using the following topics: ? Analyse the global health epidemic in relation to the historical significance of the emergence of the associated infectious disease. ? Identify and describe strategies to prevent transmission of infectious organisms in healthcare and community settings, as related to the chosen global health epidemic. ? Evaluate the effectiveness of the chosen strategies for infection prevention to current infection risk management practices in New Zealand. ? Critically analyse and examine the effectiveness of the chosen standards or guidelines in addressing emerging global health epidemics. Weighting: 40%.