Inclusive Practice For Nursing


Unit Learning Outcomes assessed: 1, 2 & 4.

1. Examine concepts of equity and diversity in relation to inclusive practice.

2. Explore the dimensions of culturally responsive health care including health literacy and communication, as related to nursing practice.

4. Compare the historical and contemporary influences on the health outcomes of Indigenous Australians to other Australian cultural groups.

Task Description

You are required to complete the two compulsory tasks (Weeks 2 and 4) and choose two other tasks (total four tasks). Provide a response of approximately 500 words for each of the four tasks. Each response should demonstrate your understanding of the key issues and concepts of the topic, supported by current literature. You are encouraged to use examples, where possible, to illustrate your understanding and to read beyond the set readings to develop a deeper understanding of the topic areas.

Respond to the two compulsory tasks, then choose two additional tasks from the list below:

Week 1 task

Identify and discuss two elements of the ANSAT behavioural cues document that are pertinent to culturally responsive care.

Week 2 task (compulsory)

Discuss the three steps of Ramsden’s cultural safety model framework that guides nurses in the delivery of culturally responsive care.

Week 3 task

Identify and discuss two issues relating to the disparity of health outcomes between population groups in rural/remote areas and urban environments.

Week 4 task (compulsory)

Discuss the history and function of National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services (NACCHO) in primary health care.

Week 5 task

Discuss respectful nursing care in end-of-life care for two different minority population groups from a cultural and religious perspective.

Week 6 task

Discuss the likely challenges faced by internationally trained nurses working in the Australian healthcare setting.