Nursing Role In this section of the Portfolio, you will explore the type of nursing role you wish to return to. ICU nurse. (intensive care unit nurse) Step 1.2: Write a 1000-word reflection which: identifies the attributes, skills or credentials that are required to undertake this nursing role identified in Step 1; compares these attributes, skills or credentials with your own; highlights what you will need to refresh; and what you will need to learn. Governance (1000 words approx.) The 14 National Boards making up the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency jointly constructed guidelines for mandatory notifications. These guidelines apply to all registered nurses. Step 2.1 Before reading the guidelines, consider what you think they will cover and write down your thoughts. You should consider the scope of the guidelines, which legislation it may be based on, what other guidelines it might be informed by, the definition of mandatory notifications and how the guidelines affect your practice (500 words). Step 2.2 After you have read the guidelines, write a reflection that answers these broad questions: • Were there elements that you thought would feature in this policy that were not included? Why do you think that this occurred? • Were there other elements that were included that you had not considered? Why do you think those elements were included in the guidelines? • How do you think these guidelines will affect your professional practice? (500 words)