Essay Drawing on relevant nursing and social science literature, and using at least two examples from scenario (andrew one) case study 2, write an essay on the following topic. What are some important aspects of psychosocial development that occur in children between the ages of 2-5 years and what influence this development? References – minimum 5 recent references, including 2 journal articles ( peer reviewed articles should be their) to support your discussion. Please note that that you can use literature written within the last ten(10) years (2009-2019) as long as you include at least 5 references that are published within the last five years ( 2014-2019). Please use good peer reviewed journals to provide evidence and examples to illustrate your points. The peer reviewed journal collection holds examples of of current research conducted with groups and individuals from all life stages and references to current research willl greatly inform your discussion. . Please go through criterion 1, 2, 3…. properly and write essay according to that, see questions of high distinction please write according to that . Length : 1200 words . 3cm left and right margins . Double spaced . Font- Arial or times new roman . Font size 12pt I am sending all files related to assignment. Please go through all properly. Learning guide I am sending in that I marked with red colour everything is mentioned in that read it properly. Don’t write unnecessary information. construct essay in a good manner, academic, formal writing. this is one book – Hoffnung, M. Smith, R.B, 4th Australasian edn, Milton, Qld, John Wiley & Sons Australia, 2019 Lifespan development ( this I am sending in files) Suggested references I am sending, please watch slides that will help you alot, zoom video watch I am sending link. (Last essay i got result I failed in that so disappointing for for) Please read everything carefully ( theorists) APA 6th references( Erikson, E. (1977). Childhood and society. 2nd ed. St. Albans, Herts: Triad/Paladin.Erikson, E. (1977). Childhood and society. 2nd ed. St. Albans, Herts: Triad/Paladin.) This is reference for erikson one if you need zoom_1.mp4