Health & Social Care

Summative Assessment 1 (100%)  A 2,500 critical commentary of the process of providing Clinical and Case Management Supervision for Low Intensity CBT Interventions. Assesses learning outcomes: RKCS1 & PS2-3. You will be assessed according to your ability to: Evaluate the impact of educational theory and approaches to supervision within one’s own practiceReflect upon and evaluate own practice as a supervisor and impact upon the supervisee  Identify and manage complex supervisory situations Make argued conclusions on supervisee performance on the basis of information presented during supervision, and address areas of weakness.  Adhere to the School of Health & Social Care policy for confidentiality and consent.  Adhere to the School of Health & Social Care guidelines for presentation and referencing.We have several examples of how my supervisees engage in the process of Case Management Supervision and how the use of the Newcastle Cake Stand model and the C.L.E.A.R Model of supervision work well.