Health Information Technology

EPIC Alternative Assignment All 5 areas must be acceptable to be satisfactory. This is considered a clinical assignment. 1. Submitted work on time, correct, and complete (Due date is September 6th @ 2359). 2. A two-page paper that summarizes what nursing informatics is and how it is important to the nursing profession. 3. The student uses appropriate grammar and words are spelled correctly. 4. Paper is in APA format (Double spaced, 12 point font, Times New Roman, appropriate reference page) 5. References are included on a separate reference page with the scholarly article provided (see link in EPIC assignment folder). You must also include another scholarly article that relates to nursing and health information technology. The article of your choosing must be less than 5 years old. Health Information Technology, Patient Safety, and Professional Nursing Care Documentation in Acute Care Settings This a link to the scholarly article regarding health information technology that you are to read and summarize. The length of the summary should be two pages, in APA style, and also include a reference page listing this reference and another appropriate scholarly article of the student’s choosing.