Health And Illness Concepts


Learning Outcomes

1.Assess community resources related to health/illness concepts and the provision of safe, quality care in the physical and social world.

2.Demonstrate the use of the nursing process in making clinical judgments.

3.Consider the impact of diverse values, beliefs, and attitudes on provision of patient-centered care.


Select a biophysical exemplar/illness from this course that interests you.  The length of the paper needs to be adequate and the content of high quality. Quality is weighed heavier than quantity in evaluation of the paper. Adhere to APA format (refer to the latest APA Manual).

References should include two peer reviewed nursing articles and the course textbook. A peer reviewed article from a closely related scientific field that clearly address clinical application to nursing practice may also be included.

1.Provide a brief overview of the illness pathophysiology/etiology, risk factors and manifestations for the illness.

2.Identify a non-profit informational website/organization that provides support and resources for the client with this illness and/or their family. There is a support organization for almost any illnesses. Evaluate and discuss the quality of the information, the ease of understanding for the public and how the site is beneficial to the client and/or family.

3.Identify a non-profit website/organization that provides practice guidelines, evidence-based practice information or other practice resources for healthcare providers that supports the provision of safe, quality care related to the illness. Evaluate and discuss the quality of the information, ease of understanding for the healthcare providers, and how the site is beneficial to providers. Many organizations that support clients and families provide resources for healthcare providers as well. Some additional organizations that provide resources specifically for healthcare providers are the ANA, Academy of Medical Surgical Nurses, CDC, NIH, NCBI, John Hopkins Medicine, etc.

4.Incorporate a discussion of one of the following in the paper: healthcare disparities may impact the population experiencing this illness,  or cultural factors may influence health/illness behaviors related to this illness.

At least one of the required peer reviewed nursing articles should support this portion of the paper.