For this task, you need to write an essay of 1200 words, supported appropriately by

recent, scholarly literature. In the essay you need to:

• Section A:

o Define the terms “health” and “assessment” and write a paragraph in which

you clearly describe “health assessment” in the context of nursing.

o Discuss the importance of health assessment in planning and delivering

holistic care and give an example of how a nurse would do this.

• Section B:

o Discuss the purpose of a health assessment from a nursing perspective with

reference to a framework such as the Nursing Process or the Clinical

Reasoning Cycle.

• Section C:

o In this section, the process of taking a health assessment is the focus. The

two main components of a health assessment are the patient history and the

physical examination.

Discuss how a health assessment would need to be tailored to the individual

patient in 2 (two) of the scenarios below. For each of the 2 (two) chosen

scenarios, also identify 4 (four) different aspects of health assessment,

including features of the setting, as well as developmental, age-specific

information, cultural and/or lifespan factors that may impact the interaction

between a nurse and patient.

• Mr A, a 76-year-old man who resides in