Gestational Diabetes

Digital Poster (topic)- Gestational Diabetes among Aboriginal women and its Management. Heading 1 – Introduction (Your introduction should introduce the focus of the work, e.g. best practice for providing care for Indigenous clients with gestational diabetes). 50 words Heading 2 – Case Study Scenario – Your case study scenario: should be in dot point form. case study scenario should include your Indigenous clients background and history. (e.g. name, age, religion, next of kin, family support, where they live, employment/schooling, medications, medical and surgical history, condition prior to needing care/intervention, cultural needs (important) and reason for hospital admission. Your case study scenario has to flow and make logical sense, and be built on evidenced based research. 250 words Heading 3 – Pathophysiology/ Prevalence in Indigenous Communities. (Briefly describe the pathophysiology and prevalence in Indigenous communities) 220 words Heading 4 – Nursing interventions and drug therapy: (should be researched and evidenced based for specific case study scenario). 240 words Heading 5 – Cultural Safety in Nursing Practice (best practice) Your information about cultural safety: should be aligned with the Indigenous client in your case study scenario and include how you would personally apply cultural safety framework to your nursing practice. 240 words Heading 6 – Reference List – 8 references from textbooks, journal articles, government websites and should be five years old. Referencing should be Harvard style. There is no need to reference the case study scenario that you create. Note- Cultural safety considerations specifically linked to your case study scenario should be highlighted, as your case study scenario and digital poster content needs to flow and be built on evidenced based research. Information used throughout your digital poster must relate and link back to your initial case study scenario content/outline, that you have developed.