Field Placement Induction


This assessment will allow you to become aware of the history of this transition, the varieties of frameworks that are now available, and their strengths and weaknesses.

It will be important to present your findings both in general terms (philosophical positions, principles and professional codes of practice) and with reference to a specific issue:

• the ethics of prevention of disease (e.g., vaccinations),

• the ethical consideration of protection of the environment (e.g., wetland preservation)

• the ethical concerns of health promotion (e.g., social marketing of health promoting behaviours)

• ethical issues in rehabilitation and counselling (e.g., alcohol rehabilitation for drink drivers who have suffered from crash related injuries)

Purpose Of This Poster Assignment

The purpose of this individual poster assignment is for you to demonstrate your knowledge of, and ability to articulate the principal ethical considerations that underpin the professional practice within your specific discipline (e.g., rehabilitation counselling and public health).

For your poster you should:

• Identify a health issue or condition that has ethical considerations within your discipline and discuss the implications for practice. E.g. what would you need to keep in mind when working with ex-offenders, refugees, people who have mental health conditions, or people who are misusing drugs and alcohol?

• Identify specific ethical theories, principles, or frameworks that are relevant to your discipline. E.g. rehabilitation case management, or public health promotion.

• Critically analyse potential ethical conflicts related to practice

• Ensure the presentation of the poster conforms to criteria expected of a refereed conference poster presentation (e.g appropriate font size, clear graphics/images, tables, visually appealing). See link below under ‘Poster Format’.