1.    Select an individual that you know with FASD or choose from the case studies in the information section. If choosing a person with FASD, ensure that you comply with confidentiality and informed consent as discussed in week 1: Intro, and found in course info (confidentiality overview).
1.    Write a summary of the case study. Use the following questions to guide your research.
a) What is the history of the person?
b) What are the critical risk factors?
c) How does FASD impact this person, mind, body and behaviour?
d) What are other specific needs of the case study?

1.    Identify and explore 1-3 models and theories that are relevant to this case. Use the following questions to guide you
a) Which models and theories apply to the case study?
b) Discuss the relevancy of the models and theories that you have chosen for the case study.
c) Explain the relationship between this person’s personal history and their addiction.