Evidence Based Nursing Practice

You will integrate your knowledge and understanding of concepts and principles

related to evidence-based practice and contextualise this to an inconsistent

clinical practice that you have observed, or a clinical issue or local health need.

Specifically, you will define a problem, identify a need for change, and

demonstrate understanding of significance of the problem or issue to nursing

knowledge and practice reality.

1. Identify and discuss an inconsistent or little-known approach to clinical

practice, a clinical issue or local health need, or a controversial policy

that you wish to investigate, to determine whether it is based on

evidence, tradition or misconception (What is the problem?).

2. Summarise the context for the clinical practice or health policy you wish

to investigate.

3. Justify and support your rationale for selecting this area of concern to

investigate and identify a need for change (What is the significance of

the problem? Why do we need to do something about it?)

4. Then, express this area of concern as a searchable question using the

PICO (or other) format. Identify the domain in which your question fits

and the best design to answer the question.

5. Formulate a search strategy using relevant key search terms and search

for the best available evidence to answer your searchable question.

Attach a one-page printout of your search history as an appendix.

6. Identify five (5) – 10 (ten) research articles that represents the best

available evidence to address your question about the inconsistent/little

known practice, policy, or issue. For each article, identify its place on an

hierarchy of evidence (e.g. JBI, NHMRC). Attach a one-page evidence

summary table containing the relevant details from each article.

7. Justify and support your rationale for choosing each article, addressing

the PICO terms and question domain. Note: One of these articles MUST

be a systematic review or an evidence-based guideline that you will use

in part 2 of this assessment.