Evidence Appreciation And Application In Health Care

Compile a list of 25 references in your chosen topic area. You should prioritise scholarly and reputable references (for instance academic journal articles, academic books, reports from government bodies, or reports from reputable national/international organisations or institutions). The references identified must be relevant to your chosen topic.

Format your list of 25 references into a reference list, according to APA standards

In an introduction paragraph (no more than 250 words), introduce the reader to your topic area and your key arguments

Identify from your 25 references the 5 key references that are (in your opinion) most relevant to your topic area. A minimum of 3 of these references must be journal articles of research

For each of your 5 key references, provide a one-paragraph summary (5 paragraphs in total). These summaries should be in full sentence form, but should be very concise (no more than 250 words). See the UOW Library Annotated Bibliography Guide provided on Moodle

In the document you submit, these 5 paragraphs should be presented AFTER the full list of 25 references. You do not need to provide an additional reference list, as you will already have supplied this at the front of your document.

Use the topic you chose for Assessment 1 as an essay question.  Write an essay that addresses this question

  • You may update the references and reference list from Assessment 1
  • You do not need to use the exact 25 references from Assessment 1, but Assessment 1 has been designed in part for you to prepare for Assessment 2
  • Do not rewrite the essay question on your essay’s title page. Instead, please ensure that you provide a descriptive and concise essay title that succinctly captures the main topic or your essay’s main argument

Choose ONE (1) topic from the list below.

  • Discuss critically the value of qualitative research to inform nursing practice
  • Discuss critically the value of quantitative research to inform nursing practice
  • Discuss critically the impact of pre-registration workplace experience education (clinical placement) on nursing practice
  • Discuss critically the impact of pre-registration mental health nursing education on nursing practice
  • Discuss critically factors that impede the application of existing research/evidence to nursing practice