Creative Medium Assignment

Part A: The Creative Submission


Not to exceed 10 pages if a text-based fictional depiction
Appropriate length for story book productions depends on focus (e.g., a child’s story may be 10-15 pages long if you include graphics)
10 min video production
Poetry submissions that are a minimum of 1 page per chosen theory/theorist


Highlight key elements of the theories and the theorists through products such as:
Narrative (i.e., description of what each person did in fictional interactions or situations) and direct quotes of dialogue that you create between the various theorists, nurses (including yourself), and patients
A written description of the focus of the care that is provided and the outcomes
A video that demonstrates interactions and outcomes
Artistic renderings
Re-visioning of traditional stories (e.g., fairytales) or creation of completely new stories that incorporate the theorist’s perspectives


This assignment does not need to be constructed as a scholarly paper. Rather, it is a creative application of scholarly works. As such, you are not required to include literary sources or quotes from scholarly literature within the narrative. However, the information that you describe needs to accurately and specifically reflect the theories and the theorists.

Part B: Scholarly Summary Document

Your scholarly summary document which will accompany your creative submission must include a list of resources (referenced in accurate APA format) that supported you in developing your creative medium.

You should draw upon at least 5 high quality sources not included in the course reading.

Following the citation of each source, include a brief description of the key features of the reading that are reflected in your creative submission (1 -2 paragraph summaries of the main thinking in each of the articles).