Community Health Nurse

You are a community health nurse working in a primary health care centre and you want to implement a change or health care initiative to improve how you deliver care to the community you serve. This should be a small scale initiative.In this background research paper you will identify the problem, need or gap in services you would like to address from the list above. You will need to research your chosen topic to obtain some background information that will support your argument for your initiative or implementation. (500-750 words) Topic are : You are to choose one of the following topics. An increase in domestic violence presentations to your community health centre Anxiety and depression amongst teenagers in a remote rural town Depression in men in a rural farming community An increase in obesity and diabetes in children who present to your community health centre An increase in teenage pregnancy in a country town. An increase of work related injuries in FIFO workers. Poor health literacy amongst new migrant families An increase in otitis media amongst children in a remote aboriginal community