Clinical Leadership And Professional Relationships


This assessment provides the student the opportunity to evaluate leadership styles in relation to patient safety.



You are working as a new graduate nurse/ new graduate midwife in your chosen area of the hospital. You are

finding the work a little challenging but feel supported by a positive culture and an engaged mentor. Your ward

values ongoing education. There is an in-service roster that requires each nurse/ midwife to give a presentation and

your turn is in one month. Your topic is the relationship between leadership style and patient safety. As part of your

preparation for this presentation you do some research through the hospital library and you are able to call on some

of the content covered in the third year of your degree.

Write an essay that discusses the relationship between leadership styles and patient safety.

The essay needs to include:

A definition of the terms ’leadership’ and ’patient safety’ and an examination of the relationship

between the two.

A concise description of at least two leadership styles

A critical analysis of two ( or more) leadership styles and how such styles may or may not promote patient safety.

Use one specific patient safety issue (for example medication safety, falls, recognition of the deteriorating patient or

prevention of deep venous thrombosis) as an example to illustrate your discussion.