What need to do: 1. Three Online Discussions (150 words each +/-10%) (Total 450 words +/- 10%) Need in-text and references. a. Lead statement: Consider the role of the school-based nurse (i.e. the registered nurse employed within primary and secondary schools). To optimise the delivery of comprehensive primary health care to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people in the school setting, you must consider addressing health concerns as well as associated social determinant of health factors. Task: Briefly describe one (1) health priority for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Then identify and describe at least one (1) social-determinant of health factor relevant to your chosen health issue (150 words). I need this solution within 24 hour. b. and c.We will upload the task next week and following week. 2. Discussion Essay: Chosen topic (A. Closing the gap.) The discussion essay should be structured as follows: 1. Introduction – introduce your topic (100 words). 2. Discussion – respond to the prescribed questions for your topic, dividing your word count equitably between each task (1300 words). (i. Discuss the differences between the ‘Close the Gap’ campaign, and the ‘Closing the Gap’ Australian governments’ policy framework. (325 words) ii. Explain what the AHRC Close the Gap 2018 report refers to in its fifth major finding, as the ‘funding myth about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health’. (325 words) iii. Define the term ‘patient escort’, and discuss the common challenges that they may face. (325 words) iv. Explain the role of the Aboriginal/Indigenous Hospital Liaison Officer and explain how this role may support the delivery of culturally safe care to both Matt and his mother. (325 words) 3. Conclusion – summarise the main points of your discussion essay (100 words). References – APA, at least 10-15 valid journal articles/books.