Ageing In Society – Nursing

Task Details:

Mr Jack Di Lorenzo is an 81-year-old Italian immigrant who has recently retired from his tiling trade after working around Sydney for five decades. He and his wife received Australian citizenship 25 years ago, and were faithful attendees at Sacred Heart Church in Pymble. Since his wife passed away suddenly last year, Jack has lived in Wahroonga with his son Paul, along with Paul’s wife Kris and their three young adult children. After decades of working on floors and with heavy equipment, Jack is severely affected by osteoarthritis in his knees and fingers, but usually refuses to acknowledge his pain. Fifteen years ago, his GP recommended that Jack have a double knee replacement, but Jack refused. At his present age, knee replacement surgery is more risky. As a result, Jack doesn’t leave his room other than for meals or medical appointments, and his family is concerned at his persistent low mood.

Jack is currently on several medications including metoprolol for high blood pressure and meloxicam for his osteoarthritis. He takes aspirin for headaches, which have been frequent lately. His daughter-in-law Kris has also added glucosamine and fish oil tablets to his dossette box after a friend recommended, they would be good for easing arthritis, and has been making Jack willow bark tea to help with his pains. Recently, Jack has been complaining of shortness of breath and fatigue, and one evening, Paul finds Jack slumped on the toilet, semi-conscious. Paul and Kris are alarmed to see bright blood in the toilet bowl. Paramedics attended, diagnosing tachycardia, hypotension, and poor oxygen saturation at 86% on room air. Transported to hospital, Jack was found to be anaemic (Hb level below 130 g/L) and was given fluids and a blood transfusion, which stabilised his observations.

As the registered nurse involved with the care of this patient your assignment should address the following:
Introduction: An introduction that provides an overview of the paper, identifying the importance of the topic and providing a ‘map’ for the reader to follow that shows what will be covered.
Health Issue: Discuss the aetiology, prevalence and impact of osteoarthritis in Australia. Include information on common symptoms and contributing factors.
Medication Management: Describe the concerns about complementary medicines, incompatibilities, possible side effects and potential polypharmacy management issues in Jack’s case, including supporting literature.
Assessments/Services: Outline appropriate services or groups that may benefit Jack, taking a holistic approach. You should pay attention to the website and Information about other relevant schemes should be included here. Include any relevant assessments that may need to be undertaken (eg. ACAT), and the role or scope of support agencies you include. Select one peer support program or group that could benefit Jack and outline the nature and purpose of that program/group.
Communication: What information do you think Paul and Kris need about the impact of arthritis, bereavement, and retirement on their relative and how to continue to manage him at home? Include evidence for the advice they may benefit from.
Conclusion: Include a conclusion that highlights the important aspects that have been covered in your paper.