Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing

Case Scenario

Gail Peters is a 70 years old female brought into the Emergency Department by ambulance. She was found at the roadside in pain and unable to stand. She recalls going out to walk her dog and then remembers being on the ground in pain. The ambulance report states Gail was alert on arrival to the scene, she was lying in the prone position, crying and distressed about the whereabouts of her pet dog. Gail was given Penthrox inhaler “green whistle” to manage the pain in her right leg during transfer. Gail lives in independently in a low-level retirement estate following the sudden death of her husband two (2) years ago. Gail’s medical history includes hypertension and osteoarthritis.

Task 4 Medication Management

a) Critically evaluate the pharmacological pain management prescribed for Gail. What medication would you use, if any, to treat Gail’s pain? Provide a rationale for your answer.

Task 5 Patient Safety

a) Identifying any concerns, complications or issues that may develop for Gail or the nursing staff as a consequence of a prolonged stay in the emergency department. Briefly explain why they may be an issue or concern.

Compares and contrasts 3 or more relevant Australian journal articles that meet stated criteria,

All concerns, complications and issues identified are relevant to the case scenario and the role of the nurse.

Evidence of clear understanding of the emergency department and the needs of the case scenario for admission. Demonstrates a good understanding of literature, displays critical thinking.

Generally patients stay in emergency department for no longer than 4 hours,

read ECG and x-ray report

Pt has fracture in femur

ECG – Pt has AV block